Plan Room
Design Build
Under the Design-Build delivery method, Integra provides a single-source delivery system for design and construction services. The owner has a single point of contact for all design and construction activities. Integra selects and manages the design team best suited for a project’s specific needs. Benefits of the Design-Build delivery method include early cost determination with an increased capacity to control those costs, time reduction in overall project delivery, and better ability for collaboration among design and construction professionals. These factors cannot only lead to more efficient building, both from a cost and time saving viewpoint, but can also lead to a building that is better  constructed by allowing multiple trades to collaborate to achieve an optimal fit between different components of the overall building.          
Construction Management
Under the Construction Management delivery method, the project team consists of the Owner, Architect, and Construction Manager. The team is established early in the planning process – this allows the project team to better influence cost and schedule. Typically, this delivery method is executed as construction manager at risk, where the construction manager provides preconstruction pricing, scheduling, and constructability reviews at each design phase interval. These exercises result in the establishment of a GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) at a negotiated design phase. The more advanced the design phase, the more information the Construction manager has to create a GM, hence the lower the contingency associated with the GMP. This allows the owner to transfer the risk of cost overruns to the contractor, but also allows for cost savings to be shared from the project, if applicable.  

General Contracting
Under the design-bid-build approach, Integra can provide a variety of contract options such as lump sum price, cost plus fee. Our reputation with the subcontracting community allows us to provide competitive pricing as a general contractor.
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